Online Course

Osteopathic Techniques: Sport and Spine

This course is the online version of accredited face to face course Osteopathic Techniques: Sport and Spine. All techniques on the course are on video. There are 28 videos covering

  1. Introduction to Palpation and Palpation  Assessment
  2. Cervical and Thoracic Spine – Techniques
  3. Lumbar Spine and Pelvis – Techniques
  4. Lower Extremity – Techniques

The videos are not downloadable and will only be available for a year from the start of your course date

  • There is a Downloadable PDF of each technique section with full photographs.
  • There is a downloadable Powerpoint PDF giving you a background into assessment of musculoskeletal system for each section.
  • There is also a Pathology PDF, describing the common pathologies (Red Flags) you may encounter.
  • There is also a Sports Injury Assessment PDF with tips on assessing your client,which is also downloadable.

If you have any queries on the Online course please contact me.


Cameron Reid BSc(Hons)DO


Overall Experience 

  1. ‘Considering the COVID restrictions and how difficult hands on learning is, I found this course really well presented and easy to follow’
  2. ‘ The demonstrations provided by Cameron were very well done. His explanations, advice and knowledge were excellent’
  3. ‘Cameron’s Osteopathic techniques training was absolutely amazing! Cameron’s videos were perfect with clear instructions. I could pause and rewind the videos so I could take notes. I am already using techniques on my clients and they are loving it !’
  4. ‘Very Good…’

A Course Highlight 

  1. ‘That I could treat clients of a more muscular / larger build without any effort or discomfort to my own health’
  2. ‘The way in which Cameron made the techniques seem so easy to follow and understand, being able to speak to Cameron when required’
  3. ‘There was a lot of content so you need the month access to get to grips with everything’
  4. ‘Learning articulation techniques, as these will really compliment the sports massage treatments I’m currently doing’

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